Recorded on May 20, 2015 (60 minutes)

Airport Parking: Repair and Maintenance While Structures are in Use

This webinar outlines the best practices based on survey of 12 U.S. airports. Based on the findings, critical factors are examined for undertaking an effective repair and maintenance program for airport parking structures while keeping the parking structures operational all the time have been synthesized.

  • Understand asset management approach to extend and manage service life of airport parking structures
  • Realize challenges in performing renewal of airport parking structures while in use
  • Review of proven and effective steps in managing renewal of airport parking structures


K. Nam Shiu, FACI, FASCE is the Senior Vice President of Walker Restoration Consultants, A Division of Walker Parking Consultants. Nam has over 35 years of experience in restoration, repair and restoration of all kinds of structures including parking, buildings and infrastructures.  He currently chairs the repair industry Vision 2020 Council which is part of Strategic Development Council of ACI and is actively involved in a number of technical committees at ACI.

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