TPP-2012-04-Get ‘Er DoneBy Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR

It’s hard to believe but already one-third of 2012 is in our rearview mirror. If you are like me and many others, you went into this year with some high hopes and possibly some new resolutions that you believed could help you have a better year if you could execute them appropriately. In essence, each of us is striving to get ‘er done. Now, the question is: where are you with regard to those resolutions and how do you either get back on track or remain on the path?

The key to this lies in identifying what motivates us and using that to fuel the engine that will allow us to achieve the success we desire. What is motivation and how can we use it? I’m glad you asked! Look at motivation as a function of willingness and ability. I believe if a person has willingness, they are more than halfway to plotting a course to achieve the success they desire. This is because if we like something (i.e. we are willing), we are more apt to put forth the time and energy necessary to make it a reality. However, if we do not like something, we tend to do the opposite by procrastinating, delaying, or avoiding the task. On the job, these are things we must do but find mundane and boring.

The other side of motivation is ability, which can be defined as a natural or acquired skill or talent. There are some people (I am not one) who possess natural ability. Most of us fall into the category of having acquired a specific ability or talent through repeated practice, whether educationally, professionally, or in other areas. A person who is willing but does not have ability can be helped and, in fact, these are the people I generally look forward to working with.

Here are a few tactics I offer as a way of increasing your motivation and perhaps that of the people around you:
Surround yourself with positive people and don’t be afraid to ask for their help. One caveat: these positive people should also be realistic in their ability to assess situations.

Understand and communicate to yourself the consequences of your actions or inaction and, if need be, write them down so you have a visual record to go along with the one in your head.

To further your motivation and that of the people around you, recognize and reward as appropriate when you have achieved significant milestones toward goals.

Don’t try to be all things to all people and remember, “no” is a valid response that you will both receive and need to be comfortable giving.
Communicate early and often, and begin your day with positive self-talk.
Always share. Share credit, accept responsibility, and stay focused on your role in the bigger picture.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but by using these tactics and understanding where you are with regard to willingness and ability, you can be well on your way to geting ‘er done!

Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR is the founder and principal of the mpr group. He can be reached at or 773.548.8037.

TPP-2012-04-Get ‘Er Done