Help for Teens: “I got my driver’s license, but I still can’t park!”

International Parking Institute offers free  How to Park: A Must-Read Manual for Teen Drivers

(October 8, 2013 – Fredericksburg, VA) Even after taking driver’s ed and logging the required hours behind the wheel, new teen drivers sometimes find parking intimidating or even worse, dangerous and expensive. According to a study in one metropolitan area conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 14 percent of all vehicle collisions resulting in damage claims occur in parking lots, and more than 50 percent of injury accidents that occur when a car is backing up, happen in non-residential parking areas.

A new reference has been introduced to relegate parking panic to the past. How to Park: The Must-Read Manual for Teen Drivers will have teens parking like seasoned pros in no time, while helping reduce the risk of parking lot fender-benders and other dangerous parking-related incidents.

The free, downloadable booklet, created by the International Parking Institute (IPI) in conjunction with AAA Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education, should be required reading in high school and other teen driving programs.

How to Park covers:
• Eight Parking Basics
• The Dirty Dozen: Parking No-no’s
• Avoiding a Pain in the Glass (storefront crashes)
• Disabled Parking Spaces – the Rules
• 7 Ways to Avoid a Parking Ticket
• Behind the Wheel: Diagrams on how to Parallel, Angle, Reverse, Perpendicular, and oh, yes, Parallel Park!
• Sustainability and Parking for our Environment
• High-Tech Parking
• Avoiding Heartbreaking Parking Nightmare

How to Park is anything but a boring manual — it’s colorful, fun to read (for parents, too), and packed with useful tips on how to avoid parking tickets and crashes. Teens will learn how to negotiate even the scariest of parking maneuvers through step-by-step instructions and clear diagrams. And there’s more: Did you know that Twitter, Facebook, and mobile apps can help you locate, reserve, and pay for parking by phone? Or that driving around looking for a parking space can hurt the environment? After reading How to Park, new drivers will impress friends with smooth parking moves, and will also be safer, savvier, and greener parkers.

Download How to Park: The Must-Read Manual for Teen Drivers at

The International Parking Institute is the largest association of parking professionals and the parking industry.