Let’s think about mission, values, and vision for a minute. Consider that your organization is a car on a road. Mission simply tells the car which direction to point; it becomes a far off destination that the car is inclined to travel toward. Values define the boundaries of the roadway. They inform the organization of the appropriate path it must travel toward the mission. Vision is the gas in the gas tank. Without this, the organization goes nowhere.night driving

Most organizations lack any sense of vision. Why? Because conveying organizational vision is hard work and requires leadership. It requires the leader to passionately discuss what makes the organization great, where it is going, and why. The leader must inspire and communicate. This is hard to do with a fancy poster and a cozy seat behind your desk. The resulting lack of vision means the organization idles on the roadway. Personnel become disinterested and underperform.

Everything of significant consequence in human history is the result of conveyed vision. “In 10 years we will put a man on the moon.” “I have a dream…” “Four score and seven years ago…” “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Throw the mission statement in the garbage can. No one reads it anyway. Inspire your organization with vision. Put gas in the tank. Strong vision guides values and inspires mission.