So many things in daily life require renewing. We renew our passports, driver’s licenses, leases, subscriptions, health benefits at open enrollment, wedding vows, and of course our New Year’s resolutions! Why do we do this? Well, according to the dictionary, renew (a verb) means to make effective for an additional period, to revive or reestablish, to restore to a former state. Our personal and work lives each experience times of renewal.

Sometimes renewing what matters to us can take effort and time we might not have to give at that exact moment. However, many folks seek out renewing what’s important to them because the daily activities or grind, if you will, risks becoming stale and boring without the effort.

For many reading this blog, the credentialed letters after your last name require renewing. For those who hold more than one credential, it might get confusing or difficult to keep track of requirements. What if there was a way to keep all renewal information in one place? For the more than 500 course-takers using the IPI online learning platform, it’s easy to log into the external training transcript (you’ll get a link and password when you take an IPI online or in-person training course) and keep all professional development information in one place. This service is intended to assist each person with managing renewals; you can track all your training in one place on the IPI online learning server.

Take advantage of this service and make at least one of the renewals in your life a little easier to track. As you renew those credentials and make those letters after your last name effective for an additional period of time, you’ll keep revitalizing your career and yourself.