What’s in your wallet? Or on your Key Ring app? I admit it, I love my loyalty cards. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, specialty retailers … I have them all. I love to feel like I’m appreciated for patronizing a business regularly. Whether it’s an occasional free burrito bowl at Qdoba or a complimentary item at Sephora during my birthday month, it just makes the shopping/dining/travel experience all the more enjoyable.iStock_000049550260_XXXLarge

Well, what if we could say the same for parking? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a gift card or loyalty card for the parking garages and spaces that you frequent? Or what if your everyday parking garage rewarded you with a free car wash once a month for being a loyal customer?

The ability to gift teen and college drivers with a loaded parking card for those pay-and-display or pay-on-foot machines would be ingenious. While this might decrease enforcement revenue, it also may increase lawful parking sales and encourage responsible parking habits.

The app companies are creative. ParkMe offers points and The Parking Spot airport parking service does have its Spot Club. For a company like that, maybe every 100th use of their app could earn one a $5 credit?

Logistically I realize this may involve partnerships between parking facility owners, operators, card manufacturers, etc., but I think if nearly every other type of business we encounter can achieve this sense of loyalty appreciation, surely there are opportunities for the parking industry as well. Who’s with me?