We all have heard inspirational stories of excellence, either from friends or colleagues or news media and talk shows. Some attend conferences to hear keynote speakers give lessons on excellence in customer service, personal goals, or leadership, to name a few. Some people and organizations attain their desired level of excellence and some continually strive to attain it. When you or your organization is recognized for excellence, you want everyone to know. Once attained, you will hear phrases such as “Wow, look what we accomplished.” “This is what teamwork looks like.” “We are the best.” ‘We should be proud.” IPI_APO_Logo_Final_4c copy

Excellence is not easy. Excellence is not handed out—it takes hard work, determination, guidance, and support, and surpasses the ordinary. Excellence is not one-and done, but must be accompanied by continual efforts to maintain the ever-changing. Excellence is what drives an organization or individuals to continue to reach higher standards.

Excellence is what the Accredited Parking Organization (APO) designation recognizes. IPI is excited to present the first Accredited Parking Organization (APO) Site Reviewer Training on Dec. 1, 2015. This train-the-trainer experience will give potential site reviewers examples on how to interpret various pieces of evidence provided by an organization. Learn how to decipher the evidence using the quality-management practices provided in this training. Satisfactory and unsatisfactory submissions of evidence will be highlighted and referenced against the 13 content areas of the checklist. Explore the role of an IPI-qualified third-party reviewer. Explore how to handle potentially questionable situations that could arise onsite. Determine which areas of the APO scoring document apply to a particular site.

To claim the APO standard of excellence, a list of performance indicators must be met. This list can be found in the Content Areas, pages 12 – 30 of the APO Manual for Applicants.

We live in a world that focuses on success and competition. Our greatest competition is ourselves and to be our best, we need to focus more on excellence. Whether you are a team or an individual, compete against yourself and strive for excellence. APO can help you get to where you strive to be.

Want to hear more about being involved in this exciting new standard of excellence for parking organizations? Register for the APO Site Reviewer Training and take the first step.