I learn a tremendous amount when I sit in on sessions at parking conferences. So many great initiatives shed a light on the value parking brings to municipalities, universities, airports, and medical centers. Sessions about on-street parking as a mobility management tool in Barcelona or digitalization of parking enforcement in Amsterdam are just a few I’ve had the pleasure of attending recently. Closer to home, I heard presentations on parking improvements in Boulder, Colo,; Pittsburgh; and Missoula, Mont.

One speaker I recently heard discussed:

  • The Parking Ticket.
  • Parking Lot.
  • Le Parking Des Anges.
  • Strip Mall Parking Lots.
  • Parking Hug.
  • Party in the Parking Lot.
  • And my favorite, Central Parking Blues

If you haven’t guessed, these are just a few of the 59 titles Spotify identifies as “parking” songs. Evidently, this speaker and others are trying to find all the recorded songs about parking. While 59 seems like a lot, I was challenged to see if there were more.

My guess is that a number of IPI blog readers have created lists of parking songs of their own. Does anyone have more than 59 titles on their playlist?

I wasn’t aware that parking songs are that plentiful. It just goes to show you that you can learn things outside of a classroom setting.