There are many cliché sayings about the end of summer. Personally, I am quite sad to say good-bye to this, in my opinion, way-too-short season. Nonetheless, this is the season for change. Autumn is welcomed in by the changing of the landscape colors and the changing of the weather. There are some who seek more of a change than just environmental— this might mean the changing of the workplace. Whatever the reason for change and new beginnings, organizations need to find ways to best prepare for workforce changes.ipi _online classes_intro to parking_259x203

Every new employee costs the organization. By offering training to new employees upon entry, their morale is boosted. They feel like they can do this job, they feel welcomed, and they feel like they made the right decision. These feelings aid the retention of the employee, which translates into money saved by the organization due to less turnover and less absenteeism. In 2013, The International Journal of Science and Research cited that the U.S. national turnover rate was 15 percent, which as cited is outside the comfort zone of many organizations.

Trained employees add value to an organization and require less supervision overall. Well-trained employees show both quantity and quality performance. The share of workers ages 55 and older hit 22.2 percent in July 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the highest since record keeping began in 1948. Knowing this, organizations must train employees to share their knowledge with new hires and train to retain. Trained employees are happier and most likely to stay with the organization.

Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. By implementing a training program, you can save your company thousands of dollars a year. Not only will the savings pay off for your company, but you can also increase productivity from your employees. Training is important and benefits all hierarchical levels of employees for improving performance.

IPI can assist with training new employees. IPI’s Introduction to Parking course will give your new employees a well-rounded experience to understand and learn about the parking profession. This course offers a complete introduction to parking enforcement, on- and off-street parking, revenue control, safety and security, communications, and customer service. This will assist with building a foundation towards on-the-job success and retention.

Good luck to all organizations in training, engaging, and educating new employees.