Sales guru Dan Pink describes what he calls a Pixar Pitch: a six-step formula based on one of former Pixar story artist Emma Coats’ 22 storytelling rules:

  • Once upon a time.
  • Every day.
  • One day.
  • Because of that.
  • Because of that.
  • Until finally.

In his book, To Sell Is Human, Pink says this is one of six sales pitch types he finds highly effective for anyone with the task of persuading others. The formula sounds simple. But, like many seemingly simple concepts, it’s easier to grasp than execute.

How might we try it out in a parking and transportation context? Here—tell me if this works:

Once upon a time, parking and transportation professionals found themselves at a turning point.

Every day, changes and challenges emerged that made organizations seek new knowledge, new resources, and new insights that would give them an edge.

One day, an association called ACT (which is managed by another association called IPI) offered an event in Washington, D.C., called the Public Policy Summit and Education Forum, scheduled for Mar. 23-25. (Plot twist: The Hamilton Crowne Plaza hotel block closes today!)

Because of that, these parking and transportation professionals could understand how to find funding and solve problems by engaging with various levels of government.

Because of that, even attendees whose job responsibilities didn’t directly include “government relations” or “public policy” gained in wisdom, skill, and ability.

Until finally, those changes and challenges looked less like scary dragons and more like opportunities for newly savvy organizations.