Recently the International Parking Institute (IPI) was invited to participate in a forum for the Smart Card Alliance (SCA) titled, “Convergence of Payment Technology.” Could be rather dry, right?  Well, I was in for a surprise.

Like many meetings with a great diversity of viewpoints and a hot topic, I left with my brain on fire. The opportunity and challenge around this issue is really fascinating. We were able to connect with the folks out in front of this issue, from government agencies dealing with the connected car to private-sector players such as Ridescout who are changing the transportation landscape, and both IPI and the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) had much to say on the issues at hand.

I had a chance to talk Parking Matters® as well as comment on the role of the garage as a platform for art, architecture, and sustainability. We discussed how changing demographics will affect privacy concerns, the evolving role of big data, and how parking and transportation will play a vital part in creating single accounts and apps for payment from transit to tolls and, of course, for parking.

Once again, I was reminded how much you can learn when your mind (and ears) are open to the possibilities.  Next steps: We are working on a new white paper with the SCA on the impact of EMV chip card technology to our industry … which is just the tip of the technology iceberg.