Recently, one of my shuttle drivers turned in a wallet that contained cash, credit cards, and a number of other personal items. I began trying to contact the owner to reunite him with his property. Every call reached a dead end until I found an insurance card with his member number on it. I contacted the company and left a message with my number for a return call.

It worked! The young man was thrilled to get his wallet back. And no wonder–he  explained that it had been lost for more than a year. We started laughing as I told him he must have had an angel watching over his lost wallet, because no one found it lodged in the seat of our shuttle in all that time.

This got me thinking about lost things that can be found. There are so many professions where lost skills are never realized again. With a persistent downward economy, downsizing, and re-structuring, some skills have been contracted out or simply lost in the shuffle of economic survival.

We are not seeing that trend in the parking industry. Not only have lost skills been revitalized, but they have been taken to new levels of precision. We feel a new excitement that convinces us we are becoming better, sharper, and greater than we have ever been before. This is demonstrated in our offerings to the industry, the excellence that is achieved in our competence, and the cutting-edge technology we use to make our communities run more efficiently.

I know I have had the opportunity to find lost things.  Skills I achieved in jobs past have seen a new light and been used at levels I never thought would be achieved. I guess you can say that the parking industry is not an industry where skills sit idling, but has a definite movement that takes them to new places.

What new places have you seen lately?