I think every parking professional at some point has been part of or witness to the reserved parking wars. This is the silent war that Reserved parking shutterstock_615503takes place at parking facilities that offer reserved parking to a select few. Maybe parking has been reserved for some out of the need to make sure tenants have access to parking, or maybe it’s just an amenity for certain VIPs. Whatever the reason, it’s never long before someone bucks the system. One of the have-nots will throw that metaphorical rock through the window of the privileged by parking in that reserved space, and, as Bugs Bunny would say, “Of course you know, this means war!”

The disenfranchised reserved parker demands action from the parking office while the elusive violator uses guerilla tactics to continue the onslaught against the bourgeoisie. After a blitz of parking signage, orange cones, and violation tickets, a shell-shocked parking manager might ask him/herself, “What is it all for?”

Ordeals such as this can make a manager question the reserved parking concept altogether. Can we be sure it’s worth the headache? Each facility has its own unique clientele, and it’s up to the parking manager to determine whether or not a reserved parking program is even-handed or even needed at each facility. If it is, then order and peace are worth fighting for. Hunker down and hang in there, and if you can relate to this post, leave a comment and let us know: How goes the war?