Curious about how people park for Super Bowl? We were, and turned to our friends at ParkWhiz, which helps ticketholders reserve parking for the big game, for a little insight.

According to ParkWhiz Senior Vice President, Sales, Dean Bravos:

  • The average price for a 2013 Super Bowl parking space is $135. That’s up from last year’s average price of $118.
  • Tailgaters can expect to pay $108 to $375 for reserved party spots.
  • The most expensive multi-day space the company sold this year was a multi-day RV spot, which went for $1,875. The average RV tailgating space sold for $815, and an all-week space went for a whopping $3,000.
  • Farther away is cheaper. Drivers who were willing to hoof it from 1.07 miles away for the game could reserve spots for just $38.50. And the least expensive parking space this year cost $29.

Bravos says that while the idea of reserved parking is a big hit with football fans, they don’t always think ahead, and his company stays busy selling spots all the way to kickoff.

For more about what Bravos and his company do to plan for Super Bowl Sunday (including security issues), check out this video by NBC News, or this video on an ABC affiliate in Louisiana.