Our friends at AAA tell us that about 90 percent of U.S. travelers (that’s 39.1 million people) plan to go over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving in their cars. We know more than anyone that all those cars will be in motion for just part of that time – most of the holiday, they’ll be parked. To aid drivers in the scramble for parking during this busy season, we’ve distributed a news release to consumer media providing parking information, safety tips, and practical advice for holiday shoppers.

We also know that as drivers turn their vehicles into the safe harbor of a parking spot, they probably won’t stop to consider how many parking professionals they have to thank for that remarkable and essential piece of real estate and the industry behind it. So here’s an official thank you from all of us at IPI for your know-how and expertise; without it, we could not connect to our communities, our colleges, our cities, our downtowns, our malls, our museums, our sports stadiums, our entertainment centers, our airports, our hospitals, our retail shops, our residences, our workplaces, or ultimately, our families and friends.

Please count me among those who are thankful for so much at this time of year, and especially for the wonderful people in parking I have the privilege to know.

On behalf of all of us at IPI, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.