IPI’s offices are closed today as we, like much of the Eastern seaboard, prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. As I write this, forecasters are saying she will be catastrophic–perhaps the largest storm to ever hit the U.S.

We will open again as quickly as possible when Sandy retreats from this area. Until then, much of our staff will be working from home for as long as power remains. Apologies in advance if
a few of your emails or phone calls receive delayed responses.

Our thoughts are with everyone in the path of the hurricane and all who will be affected. It is times like these when I reflect on the meaning of community. The definition I like best is one that defines community as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Most of us are fortunate to be part of many different communities, and I am very honored to count the IPI parking community among those most important to me. Stay safe, all!