The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on Parking Panda Corp., a small parking company operating in Baltimore, Md., and Washington D.C.

Parking Panda helps parking facilities rent spaces to people looking for parking.  Here’s the cool part; the parking facilities that Parking Panda serves are not 800-space parking decks or sprawling surface lots. Instead, they are at city residences.  This small web-based company helps residents become parking facility managers by renting their driveways, garages, and carports to parkers.  This allows residents and homeowners to make money from unused driveway space on their properties.

Of course Parking Panda isn’t the only driveway sharing company on the scene.  Others such as Parkcirca of San Francisco and SpotHero of Chicago offer the same service, carving out yet another niche in the parking industry.

This type of driveway sharing is becoming more and more popular in big cities where parking can be costly and scarce during big events.  It also gives the everyday homeowner a window into to parking industry.

Can this new parking niche give the lay person a new perspective and even a new appreciation for the parking industry?  I hope so, but in any case, for many city dwellers parking is starting to hit closer to home.