Here come Google Glasses, “a pair of computerized eyeglasses that streams data onto the lenses in front of your face,” according to Barbara Ortutay of the Associated Press.

Google’s “Project Glass” could be the most revolutionary advancement since the internet, but also the most dangerous obstacle to safe driving since texting. Map directions and available parking could be displayed inside the lenses, just above a driver’s line of sight. This is not some futuristic project, though reports indicate it’s safe to say they will not be available this year. Google has already given prototypes to a select few and Heads Up Displays (HUD) may be coming to our galaxy faster than you might think.

Here’s a video that helps describe how the glasses would work:



This would be one of Google’s first adventures in the hardware development. Don’t think Apple is far behind, either. According to a Forbes blog, Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently spotted at the headquarters of gaming behemoth VALVE, and a VALVE blogger indicated “wearable computing” is on the company’s radar screen.

Personally, anything this new, creative and technological is something I find exciting and intriguing. I’m afraid to even think of the implications for intrusive advertising. This new technology may give us a whole new view of the world, literally and figuratively. And if everyone starts wearing internet-enabled eyewear, you can be sure one of the things they will be doing at the same time is parking.

Based on the integration of advanced technology into parking over the past few years, I have no doubt this industry has the collective will, brain power, and vision to maximize whatever hi tech innovation is around the corner. Thoughts?