Are you familiar with the six-word project that originated at Smith College and launched a movement? The idea is that you can sum up your life in six words. Here’s a six-word example from John Grogan, the journalist who cashed in big with his memoir Marley & Me: “The dumb dog sure paid off.”  There are websites and a growing list of books devoted to this endeavor. Six words about love, six words about work, six words about everything.

IPI’s Parking Matters® program in six words: Changing perceptions about parking through education. That’s six words. And, often that’s about all the chance I get to convince a reporter to write an article about parking or persuade an editor that there is another side to the negative spin on a story in the works.

Here are a few of my favorite six-word sound bites that serve as conversation starters about the importance of parking and the value of parking professionals:

  • Parking professionals focus on customer service.
  • Parking laws: Needed to prevent chaos.
  • Parking problem?  Consult a parking professional.
  • Emerging parking trends: Technology and sustainability.
  • Sustainable communities depend on parking expertise.
  • Prioritize parking in planning urban projects.
  • Parking is integral to urban planning.
  • A successful downtown depends on parking.
  • Economic development hinges on smart parking.
  • Police find criminals via parking violations.
  • Parking First Observers are trained anti-terrorists.
  • Parking is about moving people forward.
  • Technology is driving a parking revolution.
  • Counterintuitive, but parking and sustainability mesh.

One six word request:   Help me add to this list!